Nearby Parks

The closest park to the Sid Richardson Museum providing the largest number of covered pavilions and picnic bench seating is Trinity Park, at 2401 University.

Trinity Park Arts Pavilion

The area providing the largest pavilion cover, picnic bench seating, portable restrooms and a nearby playground is the Trinity Park Arts Pavilion, located near Crestline and Trinity Park Drive.

To get closest student access and parking to the Art Pavilion, enter the park at the southwest entrance from Trinity Park Drive, just north of IH30, across from the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

Route to Trinity Park Arts Pavilion from Sid Richardson Museum
(Access to park from southwest via Trinity Park Drive. There is a no left turn heading south on University onto Trinity Park Drive).

  • Proceed west on 6th Street. 6th Street becomes 7th Street.
  • Proceed west on 7th until you reach Summit Avenue.
  • Turn left (south) onto Summit Avenue and proceed south until you reach access road for IH30.
  • Turn right (west) onto IH30 access road and enter IH30. Proceed west on IH30.
  • Exit University Drive to the north.
  • Turn left onto University and proceed north.
  • Turn right on Trinity Park Drive and proceed north to the Arts Pavilion.

Route to Trinity Park Arts Pavilion vicinity (for student drop-off) from the Sid Richardson Museum
(Access to the park from the western border of the park, via Crestline).
Buses may enter park from Crestline (off University Drive) and drop students off in general vicinity of the Art Pavilion. However, due to one-way streets within the park, the bus will not be able to pull up directly to the Arts Pavilion.

  • Proceed west on 6th Street. 6th Street becomes 7th Street.
  • Proceed west on 7th until you reach University Drive.
  • Turn left (south) on University.
  • Proceed south on University until you reach Crestline.
  • Turn left (east) on Crestline and proceed to Trinity Park Drive.

If the Arts Pavilion is not available, there are other pavilion/picnic seating areas.
Facilities vary throughout Trinity Park. Some areas provide only a pavilion and some provide only picnic bench seating. Some areas provide both pavilion and seating, but not for as large a group as 100. You may wish to bring ground cover (sheets, blankets, etc.) if you need to utilize covered areas without picnic bench seating.

Route to Trinity Shelter or Duck Pond from the Sid Richardson Museum.
(Access to park from Trinity Park Drive at the north boundary at 7th Street, via Trinity Park Drive).

  • Proceed west on 6th Street. 6th Street becomes 7th Street.
  • The northern border of Trinity Park is on 7th Street .
  • Access the park from the northern border from Trinity Park Drive.
  • Take a left onto Trinity Park drive, proceeding south into the park.

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To obtain more information or reserve a park area, please contact a Park Reservationist at 817-392-5757 or Park and Community Services information is available online at:

A Figure of the Night (The Sentinel), painting by Frederic Remington
Frederic Remington | A Figure of the Night (The Sentinel) | 1908 | Oil on canvas | 30 inches x 21 1/8 inches