In the Wake of the Buffalo Runners by Charles M. Russell

Name: In the Wake of the Buffalo Runners | Artist: Charles M. Russell Media: Oil on canvas | Year(s): 1911
Charles M. Russell | In the Wake of the Buffalo Runners | 1911 | Oil on canvas | Private Collection

About the Work

Indigenous Americans moving camp, as seen in the Sid Richardson Museum's 1895 painting Bringing up the Trail, was one of Russell's favorite themes before the turn of the century. The artist revisits the theme in later years, and his affectionate account of domestic detail culminates with In the Wake of the Buffalo Runners, painted in the summer of 1911 at Bull Head Lodge, his summer home located in Lake McDonald, Montana. Against a foreground cast deep in shadow, a woman bathed in the glow of late afternoon sunlight rises to her knees on her pony's back, gazing into the distance, where men are giving chase to a buffalo herd. With one hand on the reins and the other resting on a strap that fastens a cradleboard to her back, she appears as heroic as any of Russell's horseman.