Trouble Hunters by Charles M. Russell

Name: Trouble Hunters | Artist: Charles M. Russell Media: Oil on canvas | Year(s): 1902
Charles M. Russell | Trouble Hunters | 1902 | Oil on canvas | 22 inches x 29 1/8 inches

About the Work

While raiding parties tended to be small and stealthy, these advance scouts carry weapons that suggest they are out for blood and would welcome a fight. Apparently they have spotted something and are waiting for the others to catch up. Russell often set scenes like this at day's end and in later works the Indians became almost unthreatening as they basked in the sun's fading warmth, perfect symbols of Russell's own nostalgia for the vanished West. Here, although the sky is roseate and the setting sun washes the men in pinks and reds, they exude menace and appear lean, tough and full of fight.