The Tenderfoot by Charles M. Russell

Name: The Tenderfoot | Artist: Charles M. Russell Media: Oil on canvas | Year(s): 1900
Charles M. Russell | The Tenderfoot | 1900 | Oil on canvas | 14 1/8 inches x 20 1/8 inches

About the Work

Russell painted other versions of "cowboy fun," but when it came to a tenderfoot dancing to the tune of a .45 he obviously took extra delight in the performance, which had the ring of an initiation rite--the West introducing itself to the East. Presumably, if the dude proves himself a good sport there will be slaps on the back and a round of drinks afterward. But no matter the outcome, the tenderfoot is the future and will one day displace his tormentors. If the old West chose to go out with a bang and a roar of laughter, Russell as its greatest eulogist was not about to shed tears over the discomfiture of a tenderfoot or two.