Sid Richardson and Clint W. Murchison

Name: Sid Richardson and Clint W. Murchison | Artist:   Media: B/W photograph | Year(s): March 13,  1954
Sid Richardson and Clint W. Murchison | March 13, 1954 | B/W photograph

About the Work

Sid Richardson and Clint Murchison were lifelong friends from the small East Texas town of Athens, where they learned early business lessons in cattle trading. Both young men made their way west where their business ventures near Wichita Falls turned towards wildcatting, or prospecting for oil. Though the early years were a roller-coaster ride between big booms and big busts, both men eventually secured a life of fortune. Despite embarking on separate oil enterprises and business deals, the two remained close friends. Later in life, Murchison kept a daily routine of beginning each day with an early morning phone call to Richardson. In fact, it was a simple phone call that resulted in the nation’s largest takeover battle in 1954 when Richardson and Murchison purchased 800,000 shares of New York Central Railroad, the country’s second-largest railroad. Having agreed to the deal on his way out to play cards while out in Palm Springs, CA, Sid later brushed off the hasty decision of a twenty-million-dollar deal saying, “Well, Clint mumbles so.” The photo here captures the two friends leaving the New York Central Railroad offices after a visit during negotiations with William White, president, and Harold Vanderbilt, a director.