Frederic Remington Diary by Frederic Remington

Name: Frederic Remington Diary | Artist: Frederic Remington Media: Book | Year(s): 1908
Frederic Remington | Frederic Remington Diary | 1908 | Book | Frederic Remington Art Museum, Ogdensburg, NY

About the Work

Among the rich archival holdings of the Frederic Remington Art Museum are Remington's diaries for 1907, 1908, and 1909. Faithful to the task of recording each day, his entries capture both the mundane aspects of daily life such as weather reports, domestic concerns, local politics, bank balances, and indigestion, as well as his artistic triumphs, and struggles (once each year, Remington burned up paintings that did not meet with his standards).

These June 23-26 entries are no exception. He describes a calm and cloudy day of fishing, frustration with his work The Stampede, returning to his painting The Stranger, notice of the unveiling of his monumental bronze sculpture The Cowboy in Philadelphia, payments made to the water company, the arrival of houseguests, and a particularly satisfying day painting on Friday, June 26: "A lollipaloozies Day - made sketch Pete's cabin - a true impressional use of the vivid greens of summer which it is hard to make interesting but I got the violet light all right."