The Longhorns by J. Frank Dobie

Name: The Longhorns | Artist: J. Frank Dobie Media: Book | Year(s): 1941
J. Frank Dobie | The Longhorns | 1941 | Book

About the Work

This 1941 copy of J. Frank Dobie's book "The Longhorns," illustrated by artist Tom Lea, was dedicated to Richardson by the author. "The Longhorns" describes the roots of the Texas Longhorn, and is considered to be one of the best accounts of the traditions of the Texas Longhorn cattle breed during the 19th century. Dobie used Richardson's island ranch as a writer's haven in 1939 when he wrote the book. Each print edition opens with a dedication to Sid, and each chapter is dedicated to a significant individual in Dobie's life. Dobie wrote a personal inscription in Richardson's copy of "The Longhorns" and "branded it" in the upper and lower left corners. Dobie aided his friend in his mission to preserve the Texas Longhorn by selecting a herd to be purchased by Richardson, and finding placement for the Longhorns in Texas state parks. The herds were later consolidated and moved to Fort Griffin State Park.