Letter from Frederic Remington to John C. Howard by Frederic Remington

Name: Letter from Frederic Remington to John C. Howard | Artist: Frederic Remington Media: None | Year(s): ca. 1907
Frederic Remington | Letter from Frederic Remington to John C. Howard | ca. 1907 | Frederic Remington Art Museum, Ogdensburg, NY

About the Work

In preparation for the Remingtons' return to their summer home on Ingleneuk Island, Remington wrote his life-long friend John C. Howard. Remington asked Howard to purchase paint for his handyman Pete Smith, whom Remington had engaged to paint his boathouse. Frederic describes the desired paint color as "pea-green — sure enough spring foliage —, greenery-yellery." The ribbing here is characteristic of Remington’s letters to friends, as he writes, "We will see how much of an artist you are. I don't want any Paris green poison color such as you had on your house. . . ."

After the death of his boyhood friend, Howard supported Eva's efforts to establish a permanent home for the Remington collection. In 1914, Eva donated Remington's collection of firearms, saddles, uniforms, and other artifacts to the City of Ogdensburg (his books and paintings would follow after her death), and in 1915, the objects were installed in the Odgensburg Public Library. Howard and Ogdensburg citizen George Hall (and following Hall's death, his estate), were instrumental in funding the building of a new public library, and the donation of the Remington Art Memorial (formerly known as the Parish Mansion), to house the Remington collection.