Wardrobe Continuity Polaroids, Scenes 268A-G, by Joan Thomas

Name: Wardrobe Continuity Polaroids, Scenes 268A-G,  | Artist: Joan Thomas Media: None | Year(s): 1988
Joan Thomas | Wardrobe Continuity Polaroids, Scenes 268A-G, | 1988 | The Wittliff Collections, Alkek Library, Texas State University

About the Work

Late in the story, Gus dies from his wounds suffered in the Indian attack following his chase of the buffalo. Call is with Gus after his leg is amputated, and Gus extracts a promise that Call take his body back to Texas for burial saying, “The favor I want . . . [is] to be buried in Clara’s orchard.” Call is surprised, not remembering an orchard at Clara’s place. Gus continues, “Not in Nebraska. In Texas. By that little grove of live oaks on the south Guadalupe. Remember, we stopped by there . . . .”

These continuity photos show Call in his black suit sitting on the buckboard from front and rear, plus an image of Call draped in a striped blanket for a night shot when he passes several Indians who appear to stand by to witness his passage. Notice the unique black hat that serves as Call’s attribute. At a distance, a person could recognize him by the shape of his hat. Each set of continuity photos is labeled with the number of the corresponding scene.