The Scalp by Frederic Remington

Name: The Scalp | Artist: Frederic Remington Media: Bronze | Year(s): N.D.
Frederic Remington | The Scalp | N.D. | Bronze | Private Collection

About the Work

As people defending their homelands, in many cases Native Americans vigorously fought both encroaching Indian neighbors and white men. Remington’s fourth bronze sculpture, copyrighted in 1898, was his first to depict a Native American, a Sioux warrior brandishing the scalp of an Indian enemy at a time when most tribal populations had been decimated and confined to reservations.

This sculpture of Remington’s romantic vision of a victorious warrior survives in several versions, the earlier ones made from the sand cast method cast by the Henry-Bonnard Bronze Co., to the later lost wax method ones cast by the Roman Bronze Works. Remington’s later models, such as this one, depict a more vigorous stance by the horse with splayed back legs and a rockier inclined base. The man’s face has been made gaunter and an earlier rifle changed to a tomahawk as Remington refined his concept over time.