Fallen Rider (Wicked Pony) by Frederic Remington

Name: Fallen Rider (Wicked Pony) | Artist: Frederic Remington Media: Bronze | Year(s): N.D.
Frederic Remington | Fallen Rider (Wicked Pony) | N.D. | Bronze | Private Collection

About the Work

An extremely rare Remington sculpture due to the public’s distaste for the subject, Fallen Rider (sometimes called Wicked Pony) documents an event Remington witnessed on a western trip. A rider knocked from his horse attempts to wrestle the animal to the ground by pulling his ear, but the man is kicked and dies from the injury.

Breaking horses and training them to be saddle ridden was a rare skill among cowboys. In the novel Lonesome Dove, Call rides a particularly temperamental mare he calls “Hell Bitch.” Late in the story, he gives Hell Bitch to his unacknowledged son Newt who stepped in to successfully break a horse after another cowboy broke his arm trying to ride the bronc. The story implies that the ability with horses has passed from father to son.