Costume Drawing, Gus and Call by Van Broughton Ramsey

Name: Costume Drawing, Gus and Call | Artist: Van Broughton Ramsey Media: Pencil on manila card stock | Year(s): 1988
Van Broughton Ramsey | Costume Drawing, Gus and Call | 1988 | Pencil on manila card stock | The Wittliff Collections, Alkek Library, Texas State University

About the Work

Costume designer Van Broughton Ramsey tried to give each actor something unique to him. Call, a severe and often unapproachable man, wore a black hat, a black vest and black boots. A man of few words, cowboys responded immediately to Call’s orders, even young men brawling over a woman stopped with a word from the captain.

Gus on the other hand, was friendly, outgoing and loved by all the women he met. Ramsey dressed him in tans and browns, giving him a twisted leather lacing for a hat band and unusual striped suspenders copied from an antique photograph.

Just as Ramsey used vintage photographs as source material for the film’s costumes, painters Frederic Remington and Charles Russell collected cowboy clothing and gear to make their paintings authentic. Remington once requested a soldier friend in Arizona send him several pairs of used chaps, but to be sure each was different.