His Wealth (Braves on the March) by Charles M. Russell

Name: His Wealth (Braves on the March) | Artist: Charles M. Russell Media: Watercolor, pencil & gouache on paper | Year(s): c. 1910
Charles M. Russell | His Wealth (Braves on the March) | c. 1910 | Watercolor, pencil & gouache on paper | 6 1/4 inches x 9 1/4 inches

About the Work

efore the white man came and, to Russell's way of thinking, despoiled the land, the Western Indians lived a life that was simple, even spartan, yet rich beyond reckoning. At his peak, the plains warrior, independent, fearless and self-sufficient, rode with the haughty dignity befitting his station as "nature's nobleman," lord and master of a vast domain that provided his every want. "While the buffalo lasted, the Injuns counted their wealth in hosses," Russell observed. Horse wealth varied from tribe to tribe - a rich Plains Cree might own five horses, a rich Blackfoot forty or fifty. Estimated according to his needs, then the wealth of the plains warrior portrayed by Russell was substantial indeed.