Exterior, Sid W. Richardson Residence by Maynard L. Parker

Name: Exterior, Sid W. Richardson Residence | Artist: Maynard L. Parker Media: None | Year(s): ca. 1947
Maynard L. Parker | Exterior, Sid W. Richardson Residence | ca. 1947

About the Work

Richardson purchased San Jose Island, set in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, in 1936. His island home, a fusion of European modernism and the traditional Texas ranch house, was completed in 1938. Designed by O’Neil Ford (1905-1982), an architect known throughout the southwestern United States, the construction was overseen by Sid's nephew, Perry Bass. The home was featured with other Ford and Arch B. Swank (1913-1999) Texas homes in the April 1940 issue of Pencil Point, an American magazine on architecture, design, and drafting. The article’s author noted that the design of Sid’s home was "planned for least vulnerability to wind and rain, yet for comfort during the long, sure periods of sun and heat. Wide openings on the southeast side, flush with ceilings and fitted with galvanized steel windows, were used to permit free movements of air." While the island is still privately owned, public access to its pristine beaches is permitted on the shoreline, below the vegetation line, where a wealth of birding, shelling, fishing, and beach combing can be found.