Eva and Frederic Remington, Brooklyn, NY

Name: Eva and Frederic Remington, Brooklyn, NY | Artist:   Media: None | Year(s): ca. 1885
Eva and Frederic Remington, Brooklyn, NY | ca. 1885 | Frederic Remington Art Museum, Ogdensburg, NY

About the Work

Eva Adele Caten was born near Syracuse, NY. One of five children, she grew up in Gloversville, NY and attended St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY with her brother William. It was in Canton, in 1879, that she met Frederic Remington. Frederic first asked for Eva's hand in marriage in 1880, but it was not until his second proposal in 1884 that her father finally agreed to the marriage. Two years his senior, Frederic often playfully called Eva "Kid."

Eva accompanied her new husband to Kansas City, Missouri where he was a silent partner in a bar, but finding the business not to her liking, she soon returned to her father's home. The couple reunited in Brooklyn, and Frederic began his rapid rise to prominence. As commissions and assignments came in, he spent considerable time working in the American west or abroad. The couple took summer sojourns in northern New York, including Cranberry Lake and their Thousand Islands summer home, Ingleneuk.

Eva managed their household and hosted the couple's many guests, giving her husband the freedom he needed to create his art. After his death in 1909, Eva managed his estate, the copyrights and production of his sculptures, and worked to establish a permanent memorial to her husband. Eva's heartfelt promotion of her husband's legacy until her death in 1918 helped elevate his position as a renowned artist and eventually led to the creation of the Frederic Remington Art Museum.