The Brave's Return by Charles M. Russell

Name: The Brave's Return | Artist: Charles M. Russell Media: Watercolor, pencil & gouache on paper | Year(s): c. 1891
Charles M. Russell | The Brave's Return | c. 1891 | Watercolor, pencil & gouache on paper | 21 1/4 inches x 31 7/8 inches

About the Work

In the 1890s in particular, Russell gave free expression to his fondness for domestic scenes from Indian life. The Brave's Return records a tender moment as two women gaze up from their chores to find their warrior-husband returning safely from a raiding expedition or a hunting trip. There is no indication of what he has accomplished-no stolen horses, no scalps dangling from his belt, no fresh-killed game, just a tired man about to dismount from an equally tired horse. Through Russell's eyes we see the plains Indian in his family setting, a fully rounded individual; the wife's shy reaction in drawing her blanket around her bespeaks her affection and possibly the length of his absence. The returned warrior will receive a properly respectful reception. His wives will gladly abandon the task of scraping the buffalo hide in order to accommodate his wishes and make his homecoming a celebration.