"The Billionaire Bachelor," Look Magazine by Eleanor Harris

Eleanor Harris | "The Billionaire Bachelor," Look Magazine | November 30, 1954

About the Work

In 1954, Look Magazine published an in-depth article about the 63-year-old Sid Richardson. Despite making headlines for his profitable business ventures with Dallas friend Clint Murchison, Sid was a very private man and often chose to avoid publicity. The Look article not only examines Sid’s life and his friendships with well known businessmen and politicians like Presidents Roosevelt and Eisenhower (both of whom Sid hosted on San Jose Island), but also shares stories that reveal Sid Richardson’s humble and humorous demeanor. For example, when asked to identify himself at a party, Sid with his dry “country” humor replied that he was a chauffeur to another guest. Ruffled, the inquisitor later asked her hostess why she had invited a chauffeur. The hostess corrected her, “That ‘chauffeur’ is billionaire Sid Richardson.” How did Sid Richardson become such a successful business man? In addition to staying calm and light-hearted, Sid believed, “Luck helped me, too, every day of my life. And I’d rather be lucky than smart, ‘cause a lot of smart people ain’t eatin’ regular.” Forever the bachelor, Sid made a home in a two-room suite in the Fort Worth Club, wherein he displayed his collection of Charles Russell and Frederic Remington paintings. “I get a kick out of seein’ ‘em around me,” he quipped in the 1954 article.