Bedroom, Sid W. Richardson Residence by Maynard L. Parker

Name: Bedroom, Sid W. Richardson Residence | Artist: Maynard L. Parker Media: None | Year(s): ca. 1947
Maynard L. Parker | Bedroom, Sid W. Richardson Residence | ca. 1947

About the Work

The walls of Richardson’s island retreat were filled with his collection of beloved western paintings. In this photograph of one of the guest bedrooms is the series Ten Indian Studies by Herbert Herget, all of which are framed similarly, with the Rocking SJ brand at the top center. Pictured fourth from the left in the painting series is Arapahoe, which is displayed nearby in this gallery (#49). Note that Sid has provided for his guests’ enjoyment popular magazines of the day (Life, Post, Colliers, and Time), as seen on the magazine stand to the right. “Dormitory-style” for separate genders was sometimes the housing arrangement, to accommodate the number of guests.